Expat Rentals In Rotterdam

Expat Rentals in Rotterdam

Just Stay Expat Rentals

Just Stay is specialized in managing expat rentals in Rotterdam since 2014. We have hosted many expats from all over the world through the years. Our rentals are ideal for this group of professionals, as we guide with them through the whole relocation process from the moment they arrive, till the moment they depart. If you are looking for an expat rental for your residence in Rotterdam, please take a look at our portfolio of expat rentals in Rotterdam. Just Stay: Just stay with us!

Who are our clients and expats?

We assist our corporate clients in finding suitable accommodation for their employees. Our corporate clients are mainly active in the offshore, food and beverage industry, tech and finance.

Our expat rentals

Our expat rentals are fully furnished and equipped. We want to provide our expats with a hotel style experience. We make sure you receive a thoroughly cleaned rental. We always provide clean bedlinen and towels in each apartment. Moreover, we always leave a basic set of toilet paper and some other necessities, to make your arrival in the apartment a little bit more comfortable. If you want to know how our expat rentals are offered during check in, please take a look at one of our video tours on our YouTube Channel.

Location of our expat rentals

Our expat apartments are located in the nicest neighborhoods of Rotterdam. Most of our expat apartments are located in the city center of Rotterdam, but we also have apartments in more residential neighborhoods such as Blijdorp, Kralingen, Crooswijk and Delfshaven. All apartments are located in quiet, peaceful, safe and clean streets.

Price of our expat rentals

Our trademark is that our rentals are very reasonably prices compared to other expat agencies. We manage to keep the prices so competitive, because Just Stay is a small efficient run company and all apartments are completely optimized and durable.

Customer service

Our customer service is available 24/7. When there are any questions or problems our expat tenants can always reach out to us. We understand that especially for expats that reside in a unfamiliar country, it's sometimes a necessity to be assisted by a local party, that is well-know with the local ways and customs.