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Just Stay is specialized in the renting out furnished apartment to expats. Since 2014 Just Stay manages properties of multiple home owners in Rotterdam. We distinguish ourselves by taking over all tasks and responsibilities of home owners that want to rent out their properties. With Just Stay as a partner, your property is rented out hassle free. Just Stay will look for the perfect tenant and will make sure that your property has an optimal occupancy, so you will get the most revenue from your property. Just Stay offer two methods for managing the properties of home owners:

Option 1: Just Stay directly rents your home. We than rent it out to expats. In this situation you are assured of a steady rental income, irrespective of us finding a tenant for your apartment or not.

Option 2: Just Stay manages your property on a commission basis. This means; the higher occupancy of your property, the higher the revenue for you and for us. By default, if the occupancy rate is low, the revenue of your property will also be low. However, Just Stay properties always have a occupancy rate higher than 80% for every apartment we have ever managed.

Why should Just Stay rent out your apartment?

There are plenty of reasons, but here is just a few of them:

·Higher rental income than renting out to regular tenants.

·No vacancy of your apartment. We always find someone to rent your apartment.

·We visit our properties frequently during cleaning sessions, check ins and check outs. Due to our frequent visits, should we signal any irregularities, we take immediate action.

Why choose for Just Stay?

·We assure optimal occupancy, therefore optimal revenue for your apartment.

·Complete service package. This means we can take everything out of your hands.

Our clients

Just Stay provides their services for a wide range of clients. We serve the needs of private home owners that want to rent out their homes, but we also work for companies with large real estate portfolios.

Our guests

Just Stay uses a variety of means for acquiring the perfect tenant. By using booking platforms, our website, our business networks and business channels, we are capable of finding the perfect tenant. Of course, it is completely up to you which channels we can use to recruit our tenants. We select our tenants based on your preferences. Just Stay always puts every tenant through a screening, so you will always get respectable tenant renting your property.

Just Stay regularly provides expat housing for the following renowned Rotterdam based companies and institutions:

Camera Japan Festival

Erasmus University Rotterdam

International Film Festival Rotterdam

ITpreneurs Nederland B.V.

SanLucar Fruit S.L.

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Veneficus B.V.

Our apartments

Here you can see our currently available apartments. When you choose Just Stay as your partner. Your apartment can also be added to our website.


Just Stay can rent your property furnished or unfurnished. If your property is unfurnished, Just Stay can even (temporarily) furnish your apartment for you.

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